Your Weekly Listen – Welcome!

Hi, I’m Charlotte Thistle. I have taught private guitar lessons and classes for ten years, and two years ago I started “Little Wings Music for Tots”, a parent-child music program for younger kids up to age 5. I created this blog to enhance the musical experience of the families I work with, and to expand the musical horizons of both my young music students and their parents. It’s become clear to me over the years that many people, including many music students, don’t actually listen to a lot of music. There are a lot of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus fans out there who don’t even know who Bob Dylan is, and who haven’t been exposed to much outside of the Top 40 Pop Charts. My goal is to change that!

With that mission in mind, each week I will feature a different musician or band who I feel is noteworthy, inspiring or who has shaped modern music in an important way. I will also offer some suggestions to parents on how to foster a passion for music in your children, and how to encourage them to play more and practice more without breaking into heavy-handed disciplinary measures.

Although the musical selections in this blog will not be primarily “children’s music”, I will feature both adult and child musical artists. My three year old loves pretty much all the music videos I’ve shown her, and has since she was a baby. So, parents-of-tots, this blog is very much for you and yours, too!

I listen to a ton of music and I’m always on the lookout for exciting new artists. At the same time, I always enjoy a trip down memory lane or a delve into music that rocked the world before my time. My personal favorite music includes unknown street musicians and local bands as well as famous international stars. So the featured artists will draw from many genres, many levels of notoriety and many time periods. I live in Seattle, Washington (USA) so I’ll certainly recommend a lot of local and regional northwest acts and tell you where and when to go see them if you happen to live in this part of the world. I also welcome suggestions for featured artists! Please send me your favorite cool and amazing music videos or songs.

I hope that my blog will prove useful not only to music students and their families, but also to other music teachers, and to anyone else who enjoys discovering new music, or who wants to enjoy music but doesn’t know where to find great artists to listen to.

Please feel free to write, comment or share, as long as it’s respectful and music-related.

Peace and Happy Listening!


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